Asset Management

ll A S S E T  M A N A G E M E N T   

   Our Property Management System   

“Our landlords are able to attract   
higher rents and experience fewer   
vacant periods due to the level of    
service we offer…”   

By managing a rental property effectively, we offer the services and advice required to extract the maximum value out of our client’s property investment.

Our Property Management system is not built around the traditional model of property management but it is based mainly on:

– the power of effective communication
– our advanced negotiation skills
– new technological tools that automate the respective
– extremely competitive fees or the option of a single all
inclusive fee

The outcome is that In most cases, our landlords are able to attract higher rents and experience fewer vacant periods due to the level of service we offer.

Our level of service is based on 4 fundamental points

1. Your property account accessible from your mobile phone from
anywhere in the world!
2. Zero tolerance to rent arrears
3. Continuous feedback
4. Value protection of the property and its content
5. Excellent service and 24/7 availability for owners and


Our clients and tenants are granted access to a management portal, which includes an online site as well as Ipad, Iphone and Android apps. From here they can inform us of maintenance and other issues, make requests as well as track the progress of the tasks we have to do. Our system offers our clients a unique way of managing their property no matter where they are in the world.

This easy to use online portal means you can keep all of your property information in one place. Do you own two investment properties? Are you also a tenant yourself? Under our management, you can see all of your information in Owner and Tenant view!

Exclusive Asset Managemement Services

“A unique and exclusive service for
people who need to stay away from home for long…”

Many of our clients spend time away from their Perth base. Whether it is a short business trip or a longer vacation, we can remove the worry of leaving the house unattended. We deliver a professional service ensuring the property is checked thoroughly and often our clients return to find their home better than when they left.