Beds: 3 Baths: 1 Car Park: 2


This property is currently not available.

The best location or the “Golden Nugget” of South City Beach is the part where rarity and scarcity coexist. It consists of 31 landholdings only and the distance to the beach is up to 160 m. at most. The privilege of living in that part includes the cosmopolitan beachfront restaurants being only footsteps away, Jubilee Park, the City Beach tennis club and all the ingredients for a life extraordinaire.

In this land of rarity and for a very limited time only, the biggest landholding in the “Golden Nugget” is now available for sale.
– Area size: 733 sqm.
– Total Frontage: 50.7 m.
– Aspect: Northeastern

The last time that a block-value sale was recorded in the “Golden Nugget” area that occupies the Western end of Boscombe Avenue, the Northwestern end of Branksome Gardens and Jubilee Crescent, was more than 2 years ago and that property was snapped up in a few weeks only.

Now there will be no second chance for this one as the owners have instructed us to:
– market their property only for a limited time:
– sell it under $2 mil.!

The existing house is a 3-bedroom abode full of character, needing renovation but having some impressive fundamentals like the extra high ceilings, the large bedrooms, the smart layout and a very solid structure. It expands on 2 levels, having the garage and the games room on the ground floor, while the main residence is at the top floor.
Zorzi Builders have prepared a breathtaking proposal for this block, for a home that benefits from the Northern aspect and the unique position of this corner landholding.

Based on this proposal, the unique area size of this land allows for a house of substantial size, low maintenance and great exposure while it remains protected from the ocean winds, the salt and the sand. .
Regarding the location, the most common questions that we are asked about South City Beach and the sophisticated buyers know about are the following:

– Why some residents love the ocean views and other don’t?

Ocean views are great but everything comes at a cost and for some residents the cost of having the house facing the ocean includes more maintenance, different building specifications and dealing with the strong wind and the sand which always find their way to get into the house.

– Does it make a difference to have for example a block bigger by 50 sqm when the average block size in the Northwestern patch is small for the standards of City Beach anyway?

Yes it does. 50 sqm more in a total of 600 sqm make a bigger difference than 50 sqm more in a total of 1,000 sqm.

– Is it a problem that most South City Beach properties are on septic tanks?

The vast majority of houses in South City Beach are on septic tanks but modern septic tanks are very efficient and these houses pay very low water rates.

– If I have a budget up to $2 mil. for a block of land is it better to buy a relatively smaller block in the Northwestern part of South City Beach or a bigger one in the rest of the South City area?

South City Beach consists of less than 300 properties. The Northwestern part consists of 31 properties only. Value goes always together with scarcity.

To register your interest or to know more about this rare property please send an email with your full name and contact number.

Disclaimer: This is a “green title” property. The Zorzi design shown is indicative only and subject to the Council’s approval. Potential buyers should contact Athena Iliadis from Zorzi builders to find out more about the proposed design and its technical details and requirements.